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Bringing you a better return, a better product, a better feeling; never resting on our laurels or growing content with our present status.   These words describe why we are always looking at what's new.  To answer the question: How can we do better?  I'll add one more:  Never, ever accepting someone's comment "you can't do that". 









the restoration s                        tation is constantly researching, studying and evaluating new technological achievements in the industry so as to determine - with an educated mind - what will and will not blend with the classics of yesterday in a positive manner.


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Both of these engines look like very nicely restored, stock Corvette engines - until you look inside.  Totally non-detectible from the outside is the fact that these engines have today's full-roller technology incorporated into them.  No more flat tappets and rocker balls grinding metal to metal, but rollers gliding along without heat or friction. 




"Mouseover" these pictures to get a peek at what's inside, then go to the ENGINES page for more details on how we do it.  














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