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As long as automobiles have gathered together in a single venue, they have been compared.  Various parameters have been drawn up to 'measure' one car against another in competition, or to weigh the differences of each example from typical factory production.  It is important that the owner and restorer are on the same page in terms of direction the car will be going.  A restoration that is geared for Bloomington Gold or N.C.R.S. ( with paint overspray and oozing glue ) will not typically win Best of Show at the Concourse d' Elegance. The Bloomington Gold and N.C.R.S type of restorations strive to make the car appear as it did when it rolled off the assembly line.  Conversely, the Concourse type restoration with the mile-thick basecoat / clearcoat and triple chrome plating will not fare well at the Bloomington or N.C.R.S. venues. 









As a 12 year Bloomington Gold judge, I can tell you that judging becomes more sophisticated each year.  More information surfaces that defines what "typical factory production" really is.  As these cars are judged, deviations from typical factory production are noted on a judging sheet which is tallied at the end of the day.   Those that score well are deemed Bloomington Gold Certified.  In the Bloomington Gold and N.C.R.S venues, the benchmark is factory production, not the car next to you.  Therefore, everyone can go home a winner .










This is important to know so that the restoration can be planned accordingly.  There is no need to smooth the frame and topcoat it with hand-rubbed urethane until you can see yourself in the shine in an effort to impress the judges and beat out the guy next to you.  It doesn't work that way here.  The guy next to you is not competition; just another soul vying for that coveted award - an award that gets handed out to all that qualify for it. 









The tools that will win you this award are past judging sheets ( if your Corvette has been judged before ), judging manuals and the experience of your restorer.  Welcome to the Restoration Station. 




Experience, not only in the restoration of Corvettes, but in the actual judging of them has taught us what other judges will be looking for.  Although every nut and bolt has been handled as your Corvette has been restored from the ground up, it needs to appear as though it has been in a time capsule since its initial assembly by Chevrolet.  As we replicate the look of originality, we make your car better than it was when it initially left St. Louis with the use of superior materials and more advanced technology. 











Are you looking to have your Corvette judged at a different venue?  Not a problem.  Here's a shark convertible with replacement bumpers that fit better than the factory ever dreamed they could, and a paint system so slick and deep that you can read the Sunday paper ( including the fine print ) in the reflection. 






For concourse type judging, every square inch of the body needs to be finished.  In the case of this solid-axle, the client chose to have the floor done in the same blackout as the engine compartment.  This will be an outstanding contrast to the semi-gloss black on the chassis and frame, once the car is all together.  Our rotisserie is an invaluable tool that enables repair as well as refinishing. 








When it's necessary to separate your Corvette from the rest of the pack, options include body-enhancements such as this ground effects package.  When masked in this manner and elevated, we are able to blend color into the existing panels as well as color-coat the underside of the ground effects package.  This would be impossible with the car sitting on the ground. 










If you are thinking of having your Corvette judged, talk to us about the best way to prepare it.  We'll outline the best path to get you to the top of your particular venue. 



























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