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 Bodywork is something we do a lot of at The Restoration Station, and I can tell you that no two Corvettes are alike.  Each comes with a set of wheels, a set of gauges and a unique set of challenges.       
You might look at something like this '62 and say there's no way this car will ever be right again,














We look at it as a new set of challenges, and begin by plotting the path that will get us to the client's goal.


Final bodywork and finish work is accomplished on the rotisserie.
























 The old saying goes "anything can be fixed".  This is basically true, with the only variables being the length of the road and the number of twists and turns. 


I can now tell you that this '62 is not only right, it's right as rain with multiple Top Flight and Duntov awards.


especially since the rear end isn't in much better shape than the front end.























tThe bottom of the floor of this '67 doesn't look too bad, albeit for some dirt and grime, and an occasional crack or split in a bonded seam.  But when everything else on this car is freshly restored; when the paint is as deep as a clear blue lake and the frame looks as fresh and new as day one, anything less than the same suit will not do for this floor. It'll take some more hours, but if it isn't done now, it never will be.























  BEST  \ 'best  \  adj. superlative of GOOD                          1. excelling all others.  

Any shop can paint your car, install a new interior and call it a restoration.  Most shops can pull the body from the chassis and add the "body-off" tag to the restoration.  I have often said there is a huge array of levels to the term "body-off restoration".   I have seen these various levels at the shows and on the judging field - even at the national level.  If you want to be the best, you have to do what the other guys don't.  The rotisserie is a tool that allows us access to parts of the body that are otherwise obscure.  With these areas now at our disposal, we have the ability to do what the others don't - or can't.  This is not to say that each and every restoration we do is on the rotisserie - not all of our clients call for this level of restoration.  But isn't it nice to know that the Restoration Station can take your car to a higher level than you require?

A detailed shot of the finished floor shows the rich fiberglass weave, the refinished anchor plates re-riveted to the floor (just as the factory did), and the fresh zinc chromate channel of the birdcage.

































































































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