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 It is here that our team of skilled and experienced professionals maintain the systems that keep your Corvette running in top condition, repair the specialized components that may fail,  or restore your Corvette to an award-winning level on a national scale.  Click below on the "SPECIALIZED REPAIRS" button to see some of the common conditions we see in classic Corvettes, and how we correct them.  You may spot a familiar problem you're having with your own Corvette.  The "restoration" link will show you some future show-winners in process, and some of the steps we take to get them there. Check out some 'before and after' shots as well. What about judging?  Click on the "judging" button to hyper-link yourself to the show field at Bloomington Gold for some photos, tips, and a little inside information about the judging process. Interested in engines?  We are too.  Click the "engines" button to inspect some of the engines we've done, inside and out.  Come join The Restoration Station's annual 'Fall Colors All-Corvette Road Tour', or at least, look at some great pictures.  Just click the "road tour" button. Finally, click the link labeled "what's new" to learn what we're doing to blend cutting-edge technology with vintage Corvettes, whether you see it or not.   Enjoy.  We're glad to have you here.












JUST A NOTE:  While you won't see much evidence or talk about it on this site ( since we do specialize in the first three generations of Corvette ), ask us about upgrades to your C5 such as brakes, cat-back exhaust systems with crossover pipes, and adjusting ride height up or down.  We can do it. 










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